Men are stepping out from the barbershops and into aesthetic clinics to get more than just a haircut and shave. Although their numbers still pale in comparison to that of women in terms of clientele, the awareness on the importance of looking good among men is rising.

Facing reality

Men are not immune to aging and its often-harsh effects. The face is one of the most vulnerable and telling when it comes to such. Furthermore, you can’t hide your frown with a smile as the fine lines and wrinkles will show up even more.

There are people who will beg to differ and say that a “worn look” just like the calluses on his hands, is a sign of a hardworking, strong and able bodied man. Yet that very same appearance can in reality make a man look aged, tired and frail – contrary to the (hopeful) masculine perception mentioned. As strong as a man is or supposed to be, he is still susceptible to appearance issues.


Looking good is not only about getting that million-dollar haircut or spending time in the gym. It is about everything such as tending to details like a wrinkle or frown line for example.

The increasing interest in botulinum toxin or Botox procedures among men has been so exponential that the term “Brotox” was (and many would say aptly) coined. Today it’s more than just a catchphrase. It has become a part of everyday vocabulary when it comes to aesthetic procedures for men.

The procedure is essentially the same as Botox and the reasons for getting it done are, one could argue, the same as well. On a professional level, it is a tough and competitive world. There are studies that have shown the direct link between a man’s physical appearance and his career success. It might sound shallow but a man who looks good does project confidence and a capability of being able to get things done.


This is another term coined specially for men. Basically, it’s Xeomin, which is an injectable procedure (like Botox) to address appearance issues such as frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. It works like Botox as well. With Botox, there is a possibility that one may become immune so Xeomin is a practical alternative.

The difference between Xeomin and Botox is that the former does not have extra proteins and this reduces the probability of a patient developing antibodies and becoming immune to its effects.

Xeomin has been around for sometime although it has not taken a centre stage presence like Botox. Still, more men are discovering its effects and have taken to its benefits, in terms of appearance, and making it their go-to procedure.

Vanity for practical reasons is not a negative thing, especially if it helps open doors socially and professionally. For men, looking good helps to improve their quality of life as much as it does for their women counterparts.

Looking good is like good food that feeds the confidence and makes a person happy. How can anyone, not least a man, resist the need not to? The next time you’re thinking of getting a haircut and shave, you might just want to consider getting more done.